Ways to Give

Are you looking for a way to give or donate to your community?  Edgewood Children’s Ranch has been around for nearly 50 years.  We provide discipline, education, athletics, guidance, counseling and most importantly, a strong sense of direction and love.  Our program has helped at-risk families and children find hope in a Christ centered environment through generous financial gifts that come through our community.


Here are some ways that you can give directly to Edgewood Children’s Ranch…..


If you are able to sign up for United Way, you can use Designation Code 59-1150182.


There are other ways to give…..


Additional Non-Cash Gift Giving Opportunities:

  • Existing Life Insurance Policies – simply transfer an existing policy to Edgewood Children’s Ranch as owner and irrevocable beneficiary. The cash value of the policy is tax deductible.
  • New Life Insurance Policies – a policy for the benefit of Edgewood Children’s Ranch will guarantee delivery of a much larger sum later. You may take a tax deduction for the amount of your premiums if Edgewood is the permanent owner and beneficiary.
  • Charitable Trusts – you can fund a trust to generate a regular income payment for the rest of your life and for other beneficiaries you select while saving considerable taxes.
  • Bequest – you may designate a percentage of your estate or a specific dollar amount. The bequest reduces the amount of your estate, subject to the federal estate tax.


Edgewood Ranch Endowment:


The Edgewood Ranch Endowment is operated as a separate 501c3 charity with the Edgewood Children’s Ranch, Inc., as sole beneficiary.  The primary funding mechanism for the Endowment has been the Edgewood Invitational, an annual golf tournament.
Monies held within the Endowment and are professionally managed.  Currently Merril Lynch is the Endowment’s manager.
It is worthwhile to note there are no paid directors or employees of the Endowment.  With the exception of the expenses associated with putting on fund raisers and miscellaneous expenses, all money goes directly to the Endowment.  If you would like additional information on opportunities to donate, please either email Gaby Acks at gaby@edgewoodranch.com or write us at P.O. Box 185, Windermere, FL 34786.