Child Admissions Process

Our admission process begins with an initial phone call when a parent contacts Edgewood seeking information or placement.  They will be directed to one of our case managers who will give a brief explanation of our program and assess the needs of the family.  If a parent is interested in our program, they will be scheduled for a tour and interview. The tour and interview process involves the parents and child visiting the Ranch. Tours of the Ranch are conducted with current students so families can see the program through the eyes of a Rancher. We find this puts the prospective student more at ease and helps them have a realistic view of life at the Ranch. After the tour, the family meets with the case manager and a more thorough explanation of our program is given. We then decide if our program is a good fit for the child and family. If everyone agrees on placement, the child is either accepted and the admission process continues or the child is placed on a waiting list if there is currently no bed available. The parents are responsible to make application, provide necessary documents and any medical or dental exams. Our students dress according to a clothing list, which the parents are responsible for obtaining. When all the paperwork is complete and the clothing is gathered, an intake interview will be appointed. If everything is in order, the child will enter our program.

Admission Requirements

Edgewood Children’s Ranch is not a detention facility nor a treatment center.  We are a residential program for behaviorally challenged children in Central Florida, ages 7-17.

1. Children are placed by parents or guardians.
2. Should be located in Central Florida. (Typical Families Should Be Within A 45 Drive)
3. Children must agree to join the program.
4. Parent must agree to take part in parenting classes.
5. Parents must agree to pick up child once per week and take child home for home weekend visits.

For Boys:
Case Manager: Jim Timberlake
Phone: 407-295-2464 Ext. 1005

For Girls:
Case Manager: Siara Timberlake
Phone: 407-295-2464 Ext. 1004

Case Management Times:
Monday – Friday 8AM to 4PM


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