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Your monthly support of our program allows us to succeed in this mission. By joining the “Love A Kid Club”, your financial support will help a child to have a second chance at a better future. Your donation helps us to house, educate, and restore the lives of up to 56 children per year at our children’s home. Edgewood Children’s Ranch is a loving environment where kids can learn to thrive and succeed in life and where families can find healing.

Gift For Your Donation

During our “Love A Kid” Radiothon from June 22 thru July 11, Fun Spot will donate a single-day park ticket for every $60 donated through this donation page.

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About Edgewood Children’s Ranch

The goal of Edgewood Children’s Ranch has been the same since 1966 - to help children struggling with behavior issues created by traumatic experiences in their past find hope and walk in the fullness of the Gospel of Christ.

Our residential program provides children in Central Florida with love, structure, behavior training, and a Christian education helping them to live a purposeful and transformed life.

Edgewood Children’s Ranch is a 501(c)(3) organization offering behaviorally challenged children a fresh start through a Christ-centered approach to education, behavioral training, and spiritual development. Children ages 7-17 are invited to be a part of our program regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, or ability to pay. Students live in age and gender-appropriate homes with house parents who offer love, structure, fun, and hope. Our affiliated school features a low student-to-teacher ratio and individualized curriculum giving students an active and accountable role in their own advancement and success.

Our Vision:

To always be a trusted child care facility and restoration home serving the individual healing needs of children in Central Florida.

Our Mission:

To equip and empower children to thrive through love, structure, education, and Biblical values.

Our Purpose:

To help children live a purposeful and transformed life.


Structure, Integrity, Respect, Hope, Family, Fun, Personal Growth



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Before coming to Edgewood, I was not getting along with my family and I was suspended from school five times. I was mean and a bully in school. Since coming to Edgewood I have learned how to be nice to others and be kind. I have learned thoroughness and thoughtfulness. I have learned how to forgive others. I have learned to be a peacemaker instead of a troublemaker. I did not know how my life would change for the good at Edgewood Children’s Ranch. I am glad I am at Edgewood


“Before Edgewood, I was having a hard time getting along with my sister and my mom. I was struggling to do well and school and my grades were bad.  I've been at Edgewood for three years, and not only have I learned to respect authority and accept correction, but I've also learned that when I really focus and set my mind on something I can do it. My relationship with my family has improved and I am doing much better in school now. I am grateful for Edgewood Ranch."


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Children living a purposeful and transformed life!