About Edgewood

Edgewood Children’s Ranch provides children and their families a safe environment to change their behaviors and the course of their lives. Our “cottage life” or residential program allows children to live with others in a family-style unit and emphasizes the development of responsibility, accountability, self-control and faithfulness. On weekdays children attend Edgewood Ranch Academy, our on-site private Christian school. Although many of our students arrive one to three years below grade level, our personalized approach builds the condence and accountability needed to advance.

Children come to us voluntarily and must agree to follow certain guidelines and participate fully in our program. Most children stay with us for two years and we are currently able to accommodate up to 50 children at a time

Our History

Since 1966, the goal of Edgewood Children’s Ranch has been to help at-risk children and their families find hope. Our mission began when Orange County Juvenile Court Judge D. Arthur Yergey sought an option other than juvenile detention or confinement for young boys with disruptive behaviors. Judge Yergey’s vision coincided with the passion of John W. “Jack” Lynd whose years of working with troubled children led him to a similar vision to establish a faith-based home and school where young people could safely heal and change the direction their lives are heading.

Our program began in a small house with two boys and a lot of faith and prayer. Dr. Jack Lynd and those boys prayed for their first meal because there was none at the time and God provided. Since our humble beginning, we continue to step out on faith and pray for the things that we need and God continues to move in people’s hearts to support the Ranch. Since 1966, our program has grown from helping two boys in a small house to being able to help up to 40 children and their families and hope for a better future.