Here are some answers to the most popular questions we receive at Edgewood Children’s Ranch. If you don’t find the answers you need here, please call us at (407) 295-2464.

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What are the ages of the children you take and how long do they stay in your program?

We accept boys and girls ages 7-17 and the average stay is two years. At the end of each school year the live-in house parents, teacher and case manager will conduct an evaluation to determine if a child should return to our program. This is only a recommendation and the parent can withdraw their child at any time.

What does it mean when you say your program is voluntary?

We are not a lock-up facility. We do not keep a child regardless of their will. We ask the parent and child to each agree to work within the guidelines of our program. We can help in this process during the pre-admission interview.

What is the cost?

Students are accepted on the basis of need and the desire to participate rather than the ability to pay.   We ask families to pay what they can to help us offset our program costs but know most families are unable to afford the full amount. This is the reason we reach out to our local community for support and have several fundraisers throughout the year.

Do students live on the property?

Yes, we are a residential facility. Students and parents have a short visitation each Sunday and students are allowed to go home on designated weekends throughout the school year.

Is there anything I (the parent) have to do?

We want to come alongside the families and know it will take this team effort to be successful. We ask parents to attend one of our parenting classes during the week and a Chapel service on Sundays at 3 p.m.

How many children do you serve?

Each cottage has up to 8 children and at full capacity we can serve just over 50 kids.

Do you take children from out of the state of FL?

We do not. Since our program requires the parent or guardian’s envolvement, our children must live within an hour’s drive of our location.

Do the children go to school at the Ranch?

Yes, our school is on-site and we keep a ratio of one teacher for 8 students.

What are some of the reasons families look to you for help?

Some of the many issues that prompt families to come to us include a child’s diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, ODD or OCD; abuse, drug use either with the child or in the family; behavioral/disruptive issues either at home, school or both. Often, we see the acting out of a child in some form as a result of the breakdown of the family unit, either through divorce, loss of a parent, or children being raised by another family member.

How are you funded?

Our funding comes through the support of our local community through donations, grants, and gifts-in-kind. We also hold several annual fundraising events and continue to expand our volunteer support. One of the best ways you can support Edgewood is through our “Love A Kid Club” program. This is a small monthly amount that donors can commit to providing ongoing support to the Ranch program.

Who owns Edgewood?

Edgewood Children’s Ranch is independently controlled by a board of directors and is not affiliated with any other children’s home. Edgewood is not affiliated with any church denomination.

Is Edgewood certified?

Edgewood is registered with the Florida Association of Christian Child Care Agencies (FACCCA).


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