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Edgewood Children’s Ranch is seeking House parents who have a heart for children and are called to the ministry of caring for young people. Come join us on the local mission field as a House parent! We believe the parenting role is an important part of helping the children we work with live a purposeful and transformed life.

Since 1966, Edgewood Children’s Ranch has been helping children who struggle with behavior issues created by past traumatic experiences transform their lives. Our program has helped over 5,000 children get a second chance for a better future.

About Edgewood

The goal of Edgewood Children’s Ranch is to help children struggling with behavior issues created by traumatic experiences in their past find hope and walk in the fullness of the Gospel of Christ. Our residential program provides children in Central Florida with love, structure, behavior training, and a Christian education helping them to live a purposeful and transformed life.

Edgewood Children’s Ranch is a 501(c)(3) organization offering behaviorally challenged children a fresh start through a Christ-centered approach to education, behavioral training, and spiritual development. Children ages 9-17 are invited to be a part of our program regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, or ability to pay. Students live in age and gender-appropriate homes with house parents who offer love, structure, fun, and hope. Our affiliated school features a low student-to-teacher ratio and individualized curriculum giving students an active and accountable role in their own advancement and success.

Who Makes A Good Houseparent Couple?

House parenting is one of the core positions in our mission to help hurting children find hope and walk in the fullness of the Gospel of Christ. The couple that take on this role will be responsible to encourage and mentor the spiritual development of the children in your care. You will model what a mom and dad should be in a healthy home environment. Most importantly, you will love on these children that need a caring heart more than anything.

House parents come from many different family backgrounds, education levels, career and financial backgrounds, ages, skills, and personalities. Married couples join us as newlyweds, parents of young children, and empty nesters. The one thing they have in common is that each of these couples is on a mission to serve and help hurting children to have a better life.

Job Duties & Compensation

Edgewood Children’s Ranch is seeking Christian House Parents who have a heart for children (I.E. We call them Ranchers) and are called to the ministry of caring for young people. Come join us on the local mission field as a House Parent!


$1,000.00 signing bonus

*We are looking to hire a husband & wife team.

  • Estimated Compensation Package: $39,950.00 per person. $79,900.00 per couple.
    • Starting salary is $21,500.00 (each). $43,000.00 total per couple.
    • Housing / Utilities / Internet Included (Value of $17,850.00 per person. $35,700.00 per couple.)
    • We are currently providing $50 per person per month towards cell phone bills ($600.00 per year per person. $1,200.00 per year per couple.)
  • 100% Paid Health Insurance (United Healthcare)
  • No travel is required, You live where you work (No gas expense to drive to work – the estimated value of $2,600.00 per year saved)
  • Major Holidays off (Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Easter)
  • Up to 12 Days off between Christmas and New Year
  • 1 week’s vacation and 5 personal days. Additional vacation days added with more years worked

Job Schedule

This is a full-time position with a unique schedule. The house parents will work and live with the Ranchers they are working with. The house parent position schedule is similar to a normal parenting schedule. You are with the Ranchers in the morning and then after school until bedtime. You will sleep in an attached apartment next to the children’s bedroom area. On weekends, you will care for the kids the entire day.

This is a 6 day per week job schedule. You will have 1 day off per week. Once per month you will also receive an additional day off while the Ranchers visit their parents at home.

House Parent Hours

Weekday Mornings (6:15am – 8:30am)
Weekday Afternoons (4:00pm – Bedtime (8:30pm / 9:00pm)
Weekend Hours (6:45am – Bedtime)
The summer schedule will be different.


You will care for a maximum of 8 children in your house. The children will be all boys or all girls. The children will be inside a specific age group. These are children with behavioral issues that simply need a little more discipline and guidance in their lives.

Our Facilities:

Edgewood Ranch is located in Orlando Florida, in the Metrowest area. We have a team of staff that handle different child responsibilities. This makes the houseparent job a little easier.

  • We have a full-time cook that makes all the meals in the cafeteria.
  • We have a school on campus where you will take your Ranchers each day (Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm)
  • Case managers handle the caseload and manage communications with your Rancher’s parent(s)
  • Edgewood sits on lake Hiawassee
  • Sports amenities include a basketball gym, softball field, soccer field, weight room, swimming pool, and tennis court.
  • There is enough to keep all your kids busy while they are under your care.

Primary Duties

  • Responsible to encourage and mentor the spiritual development of the children in your care
  • Maintain the cottage, its furnishings, and its grounds. This includes daily cleaning and supervision of residents when they do chores.
  • Execute the daily operations of the residential program
  • Follow disciplinary guidelines to administer consequences as needed
  • Monitor child behavior, activities, free-time, and interactions with other students
  • Oversee medication responsibilities and documentation responsibilities
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality of each child
  • Update case notes on a daily basis
  • Develop a relationship with children that allows for emotional growth and healing
  • Conduct and document monthly fire drills
  • Complete incident reports and any other required paperwork
  • There will be additional duties around the Ranch you will be asked to participate in (P.E., Maintenance work, other facilities duties)
  • There may be additional duties as needed.

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