Family Care

Here at Edgewood Children’s Ranch we have the opportunity to serve children and families of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and areas of needed support. The goal of Family Care is to help develop a healthy home environment for children in our program to return to and to help restore the child back to a healthy and thriving place emotionally. Our Parent Support program provides parent(s)/guardian(s) resources to begin changing their home environments and tools to help reconnect them with their children. These tools include providing a Parent Support Advocate to help provide parent(s) / Guardian(s) support groups, lay counseling services, and educational resources in behavior management training for children with traumatic pasts.

Our Case Management portion of the Family Care department is focused on working one-on-one with the child to help overcome the pain and hurt from their past so they are able to return to home, school, and society as emotionally healthy young people. Our Case Management team provides lay counseling services, the child’s plan of care, and connecting individually with the child. Case Managers have weekly sessions with each child where they engage in play, crafts, and games in order to discover their interests, personality, gifts, skills, and more. The goal is to reach each child’s heart to empower them to be self-aware, achieve self-efficacy, and experience personal healing and growth. Our Case Managers will collaborate with each child to define goals and create a plan to achieve these goals. Once goals are established, we can work with the child by encouraging growth and development, holding them accountable for their actions, and celebrating their victories.

Our focus at Edgewood Children’s Ranch is to meet the needs of each child we work with regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, or ability to pay. All of our departments work together to create a positive outcome in our program. We exist to help mend hearts, heal spirits, and transform the futures of each child in our care.

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